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Customise Your Products

Customise Your Products

We manufacture to your exact requirements

Product Labels

The product property label is there to promote your brand or company logo, and display your company contact details. You can print this information permanently on the face border labels or on larger labels bonded to the back of the mat.

You have a choice of personal, fully customised labels, and all are easily and permanently affixed during the bonding process.

Border labels

Border labels

Get your brand or website noticed with a clear, colourful border label.

Back labels

Back labels

For a little more information, back labels are perfect for company logos, mat descriptions, washing instructions and more.

White back labels

White strip labels

White stripe labels are designed to be marked by you. Ideal for inventory markings on the back of the mat. You can easily add information using water-proof felt pens, such as inventory numbers or internal batch or wash information.

Please call for more details.

Data Chips

For the storage of specific information about a mat there is also the possibility to integrate data chips. 

Standard Data Chips

These will be provided by you and we will incorporate them into the mat during the manufacturing process. To show the position of the data chips externally, we can place an additional label on the matbacking above the chip position.

Data Chips Novo Laundry FT301

Data chips are extremely efficient and also especially long-lasting. Our sales team will gladly offer further advice.

Embossed Plate

Embossing plates leave a stylish impression of your brand or company logo that will last the lifetime of the mat.

Embossed Plate

There is no limit to the amount of information you can put on your plate but we do advise against using small print.


The primary use of Velcro is to fix the mats in one place and prevent 'creeping'. One part of the Velcro should be stuck to the floor where the mat will be placed and the other part is attached (permanently) on the back of the mat.

Velcro strips

When you lay out the mat and join the two Velcro parts together, they instantly attract and form a good anchor to the floor.

This system is the same as hook-and-loop-fasteners. Velcro is a possible use for mats positioned in places where many people pass over the mat.


We have created a comprehensive range of colour samples and swatch books. Perfect for you or your customer to not only see the true colours but also feel the structure and quality of the materials used.

Fabric Samples

Because computer monitors all have different display settings, they often distort from the original colour s true shade and tone. Samples are really the only way to see the true colours of the product and a guaranteed way to approve your order is exactly what you expect.

Please contact our Sales Service department and ask about our colour samples and swatch books.