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Kable-Mat Rubber Top

Robust rubber mat with integrated cable run

Kable-Mat Rubber Top reduces loose cable hazard

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Cable tidy solution for indoors and outdoors

Designed to reduce potential tripping hazard caused by loose cables.

The Kable-Mat Rubber Top is a durable rubber mat with an integrated cable run that conceals loose cables. Combined with bright border graphics to draw the eyes attention and highlight the risk.

The Kable-Mat Rubber Top can be used both indoors and outdoors making it perfect for public stalls, PA systems, and outdoor events or shows. 

  • Cable tidy solution to reduce accidents in the workplace
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Slip-resistant backing with integrated cable run
  • Attention grabbing edge graphics
  • Vacuum to clean

Surface Pattern

Fine mesh-grip texture
Fine mesh-grip texture

PVC freeLight fastBrushing recommendedHose to cleanSuitable for underfloor heating2 Year Guarantee

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Product Details and Technical Information


Indoor and outdoor use.

Reduces accidents in the workplace.



100% nitrile rubber surface

Nitrile rubber backing




50 x 100 cm