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Sanitizing floor mat for Hygiene control







2 in 1 floor mat to sanitize shoe soles with sanitizing footbath, drying & trap dust for hygiene control.

Kleen-Sanitize is a hygiene control mat that has 2 functions. First as “Shoe Sanitizer” by steps on absorbent pad in the footbath area filled with sanitizer or disinfectant. This is to reduce foot borne contamination on shoe soles. Then step on nylon fabric zone to dry and clean the shoes before entry building.

How to use Kleen-Sanitize mats

Kleen-Sanitize how to use

Kleen-Sanitize mat construction details

Kleen-Sanitize construction

Technical Information


Entrance door, Screening point, Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant / Kitchen, School, Convenient store / Shops, Office building, Spa



100% Nitrile rubber (NBR)
100% Solution dyed nylon
Refill absorbent pads
 - Type A: Needle punch (PP+PET)
 - Type B: Non-woven (PET)



80 x 150 cm, 80 x 200 cm, 80 x 240 cm



Nylon: Black Brown *
Refill absorbent pad:
 - Type A – Brown *
 - Type B – Black

* Other colours available on demand with minimum quantity 10 pcs.

Black Brown Nylon Brown Refil Black Refil


  • Clean and dry the floor before placing Kleen-Sanitize mat for better stay st on the floor.
  • Fill in sanitizer in the footbath until absorbent pad is soaked approximately 0.3-0.8 liter
  • For absorbent pad: needle punch (type A) place the ribbed surface on top.
  • Refill sanitizer every 2- 3 hours and depended on traffic.
  • Clean and dry the Kleen-Sanitize mat and absorbent pad everyday for hygiene and life extension
  • If “Dettol” is applied, white stain may occur on the rubber. Do not use sanitizer contain Sodium Hypochlorite (e.g. Haiter).
  • Keep the floor and surrounding area dry while using to prevent slipping

Cleaning Instructions

  • Spray with water hose.
  • Clean with soft brush with mild detergent. No bleaching agent.
  • Or use carpet cleaner Extractor type. Do not use Rotary type.
  • Dry in shade. Avoid direct sunlight
  • Store the dried mats by roll or flat. Should not be folded.
  • Not recommended to laundry.

*For all mats we reserve for the right of production-related tolerance +/- 5% in size. Fabric colour and rubber properties may change due to type and concentration of sanitizer.